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DiagProg 3 is a fully professional diagnostic tester. DP 3 is a portable tool, which offers maximum flexibility and comfort, while maintaining ease of use.
DiagProg 3 is an innovative device that allows to read and clear (erase) diagnostic errors of trouble codes in all brands and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles.The device supports all possible communication protocols: SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, ISO 14230 (Keyword 2000), ISO 15765 (CAN bus).

DiagProgIII features:

– reading / clearing (erasing) diagnostic errors – trouble codes
– clearing (erasing) oil inspection
– Kilometers / miles programming – conversion from one to the other, changing language
– programming mth – hours of operation
– advanced service history functions – reading / clearing (erasing)
– reading and programming EEPROM memory via diagnostic connector (all parameters)
– reading and programming FLASH memory via diagnostic connector (eg. for Tunning)
– programming modules into new ones (into same condition as originally purchased )
– programming immobilizers/keys/remotes
– clearing (erasing) accidents
– programming module for a vehicle after the exchange (at present vehicles require module exchange for new one or used one, specially programmed in order to work properly)
Very simple and intuitive menu and a number of languages supported ​​allows to use Diagprog 3 tester by customers around the world. Additionally, with the device client receives a convenient transport suitcase with a set of cables and accessories as well as readable and clear instruction manual that contains pictures and descriptions, which set out step by step method of connecting DiagProg 3 to the respective counters.
High-quality components used in manufacturing DiagProg 3 together with ergonomic design make it possible to use our equipment in garages without fear of dirt or damage. A wide range of software packages and updates allows to fully fit DiagProgIII tool to individual customer needs. A detailed description of the various software packages and a list of supported cars is available at www.diagprog.org.
– 3 lines of input – output at speeds up to 8 MHz (0..5 V)
– 10 line Input – output at speeds up to 4 MHz (0..5 V)
– 12 input lines at speeds up to 16 MHz (0..5 V)
– 11 output lines at speeds up to 16 MHz (0..5 V)
– 1 line at a rate of work output to 500 KHz
– RS232 interface (voltage level 0..5 and 0..15 V)
– CAN-BUS interface (in compliance with ISO 11898) for low-and high-speed,
– CCD-BUS interface,
– Interface BDLC (in accordance with SAE J1850)
– K-line interface (in accordance with ISO9141 stanrdem)
– SPI Interface (Master, Slave)
– 2 analog inputs (0..15 V)
– 12 V controlled output relay (5A)
– + 2 .5 V, output target relay (1A)
– PWM output for generating waveforms.
– Authorization to 4000 programs via the Internet,
– Support in 7 languages ​​- Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese,
– Update the software available over the Internet via USB 2.0,
– Specialized software (included with the tester), which allows transfter data through the device PC
– Color display with dimensions of 320mm x 240mm – 556 colors
– Touchscreen with auto-calibration.
– Construction is based on two boards- economical, cheap and safe solution
– Free full technical support for users of DP3,
– Clear and transparent menus,
– Professional service during the warranty and after warranty service,
– Guarantee of 24 months..  

“DiagProg III – Full Package Dashboard Software” – a software package running (only together) with (original) device DiagProg III or “Software unit” – the software that runs (only together) with (original) device DiagProgIII, CodiProgUSB or Cangateway.

“DiagProg III Copyright (C) Elprosys 2001 – 2011” – (firmware) – part of the software that runs (only) with (original) device DiagProgIII, “DiagProg III Setup” – the part of the PC software used to control and update the software – software works on any PC and is compatible only with original device DiagProgIII,
“CodiProgUSB” – part of the PC software used to control and update the software – the program runs on any PC and is compatible with original device CodiProgUSB only.

For more information on DiagProgIII device, its capabilities, available software and current prices please visit the dedicated website: www.diagprog.org or contact us directly by telphone: +48 32 301 2 301, Monday to Friday from 9.30am – to 4.00pm.