ETL Programmer

ETL Programmer

ETL Programmer is a product for MC9S12(X) Freescale Microcontrollers.

Basic features:
- Safe Solution for Secured 9S12XEP100 5M48H 1N35H
- Easy to use with Windows 7 or Windows 10 PCs.
- Software allows to Read/Program/Verify FLASH/EEPROM on all microcontrollers
- 12 months of free support.

Supported modules:

MC9S12XEP100 (5M48H), MC9S12XEP100 (1N35H), MC9S12XEQ384 3M25J), MC9S12XET256 (0M53J),
MC9S12XDP512 (0L15Y), MC9S12DB128B (0L85D), MC9S12DT128B (1L85D), MC9S12DG128 (5L40K),
MC9S12DG128 (1L59W), MC9S12DG256 (2K79X), MC9S12A512 (4L00M), MC9S12H128 (1K78X),
MC9S12H256  (1K78X),  MC9S12HZ256 (3L16Y),  MC9S12D64 (2L86D), MC68HC912D60 (4F73K),
MC68HC12D60 (0K13J), MC68HC912D60A (2K38K), MC68HC912DG128A (0L05H), MC68HC912DC128A 
(3K91D),MC68HC912DG128 (0K50E), MC68HC912DC128 (0K50E), MC68HC912B32 (4J54E), MC68HC12BE32 

Supplied items:

  • ETL Programmer
  • USB cable
  • Power Supply: +12V, 2A
  • adapter MC9S12XE LQFP-144
  • adapter MC9S12XD LQFP-144
  • ETL 'Watchdog Killer' adapter

Basic functions:

  • Freescale microcontrollers reading
  • Freescale microcontrollers writing
  • 12 months of free technical support
  • Secured writing of Mikrokontrolers Freescale MC9S12(X)