Other from ElproSys

Other from ElproSys

ElproSys branded products for advanced Users.

Can Data Logger

Can Data Logger

Can Data Logger is a dual channel device which allows logging Can signals on microSD card in real time. It supports both 29-bit and 11-bit CAN identifiers and ISO 15765 protocols. Additionally high quality processor (200 MHz) guarantees minimum consumption of power and optimum performance.

Basic functions are:
  • Ability to logging to two CAN-BUS channels in real time with CAN-Gateway function
  • CAN-BUS signal generating such as Ignition, RPM, speed, switches (for programming, testing ECU’s outside car).
  • CAN-BUS messages modification,  filtering.
  • CAN-BUS signal converting (for programming, testing ECU’s outside car).


Can Data Logger - Description:

  • CANGateway function - converting CAN signals with different speeds.
  • CAN-BUS Logging frames from two channels with same or different speeds.
  • Filtering CAN-BUS frames according to script.txt file.
  • Generating CAN-BUS frames according to script.txt file.
  • Modification of CAN-BUS frames according to script.txt file.
  • Electronic CAN-BUS termination resistors.
  • Power supply - 5 Volts or 12 Volts.
  • Software update using microSD card.
  • Possibility of modification and configuration via PC tool - CanGateway Manager.
  • No loss of any CAN- BUS frames when logging into two channels at the same time,
    with maximum speed.
  • Additional option for software update in the system/car using DiagProg4 diagnostic tester.

Can Data Logger includes:

  • Can Data Logger device, microSDHC card - 32GB, CD with manual and PC tool CanGateway Manager, dedicated carry case, installation kit, ON/OFF adapter ( adapter allows to restore vehicle installation  to factory state).

CodiProgUSB MK2

CodiProgUSB MK2

CodiProgUSBMK2  is a universal EEPROM tool that allows to read, edit and write various types of EEPROM memories. I2C, SPI and Microwire memory interfaces are supported.

Device is communicating with PC through USB port. It allows to fully adjust main programming parameters like programming voltage, pull-up resistors, clock speed and read/write delays. It can load, edit and save files in *.bin, *.epp, and *.sec formats. CodiProgUSBMK2 software includes ability to upgrade device firmware to enable support for new memory types.

Basic functions CodiProgUSB MK2:

CodiProgUSBMK2 is a universal EEPROM tool that allows to read, edit and write various types of EEPROM memories. I2C, SPI and Microwire memory interfaces are supported.

CodiProgUSBMK2 device allows for ultra-fast erasing all the EEPROM M35080 (about 10 seconds): M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080-VP, M35080-V6, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ.

Basic features:

  • Reading and writing EEPROM memory type Special SPI
  • Reading and writing EEPROM memory
  • Reading and writing EEPROM, FLASH microcontrollers
  • Ultra-fast erasing EEPROM 35080

Modules supported by CodiProgUSB MK2:

  • I2C (24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C128, 8582C)
  • SPI (25C010, 25C020, 25C040, 25C080, 25C160, 25C320, 25C640, 25C128, 25C256)
  • Special SPI (M35080, M35080v6, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ)
  • Microwire 16bit (M9306, M9346, 93C06, 93C46, 93C56, 93C66, 93C76, 93C86, 93CS56, 93CS66, 93CS76, 93CS86, 93S46)
  • Microwire 8bit (93C46_8bit, 93C56_8bit, 93C66_8bit, 93C76_8bit, 93C86_8bit, Yazaki_8bit)
  • Freescale / Motorola (MC68HC912D60A(2K38K), MC68HC912DC128(0K50E), MC68HC912DG128(5H55W), MC68HC912DC128A(3K91D), MC68HC912DG128A(3K91D), MC9S12D64(2L86D), MC9S12DB128B(0L85D), MC9S12DG128B(0L85D), MC9S12DT128B(0L85D), MC9S12DT128B(1L85D), MC9S12DT128B(3L40K), MC9S12A128B(0L85D), MC9S12H128(1K78X), MC9S12DG256C(2K79X), MC9S12DP256C(2K79X), MC9S12DT256C(2K79X), MC9S12H256(1K78X), MC9S12XDP512 (0L15Y)

ZIF Adapter

ZIF Adapter

ZIF ADAPTER allows programming various types of EEPROM memories without the need to use cables.

Sockets with golden pins are mounted on a two-layered board made of high-quality laminate. The adapter is also equipped with angled connectors and rubber leveling feet for comfort and ease of use.

ZIF ADAPTER works with DiagProg4 diagnostic tester and with CodiProg USB programmer.

ZIF ADAPTER includes 3 sockets made by renowned producers Enplas and Wells / Sensata:

  • TSSOP-8 socket: Package size - 4.4mm x 3mm; Pitch - 0.65mm
  • MSOP-8 socket: Package size - 3mm x 3mm; Pitch - 0.65mm
  • SOIC-8 socket: Package size - 3.9mm x 5mm; Pitch - 1,27mm