Zencar Portable charger

Zencar Portable charger


Zencar portable electric vehicle charger with a power of up to 22kW. Powered from a CEE power socket, terminated with the most popular type-2 connector among electric cars.


Thanks to its compact dimensions, the charger is easy to transport.

Friendly interface with a built-in LCD screen.

Zencar charger has a number of security features, incl. residual current, undervoltage, overvoltage, electrostatic protection and a ground fault detection module.

Maximum charging power up to 22kW.


The Zencar portable charger has a built-in LCD screen on which you can track the charging status.
The following are displayed on the screen:
  • voltage,
  • charging current and power,
  • charging time,
  • working temperature,
  • ienergy consumption,

Charging current can be adjusted from 8A to 32A.

Zencar charger has a delayed start function, so you can set the charging start at a specific time.


Zencar charger is powered by the CEE power socket and has a charging power of up to 22kW.

The operating temperature measurement system built into the charger will automatically limit the charging power or stop it if the temperature of the device exceeds a safe level. The car will be charged again when the temperature drops to an appropriate level.





TECHNICAL DATA Zencar 11kW Zencar 22kW
Rated voltage 380V 380V
Output current 16A 3-phase 32A 3-phase
Maximum output power  11kW  22kW
Cable length 5m
Display  LCD touch display with full information about the charging power, time and amount of electricity consumed
Residual current protection RCD typA, AC 30mA
Charging connector type-2 socket
Connection to the power supply red 32A 5-pole power socket
Light indicators  LED lights
Guarantee 2 years
Level of security IP54
Security residual current, undervoltage, overvoltage protection, electrostatic protection and a ground fault detection module
Working temperature -30 ℃ ~ +60℃
Weight 4kg