Diogene tool provides an opportunity to read mileage values from various vehicle modules via OBDII socket.
Based on the collected data the user can reveal possible fraud. The functionality of the Diogene tester exposes the hidden practice of mileage manipulation so that honesty and safety can be restored to the used vehicle market.
  • Each inspection takes a maximum of 15 minutes
  • During each test Diogene allows all OBD units of the car and their codes to be scanned without changing the data
  • With the Diogene tester, it is possible to identify the true mileage and produce a clear report confirming the mileage of the vehicle

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  • Exposing the real value of the mileage in the vehicle
  • Compact dimensions are giving the possibility of performing the inspection almost everywhere
  • Lowering the risk of:
- fraud and insurance/maintenance costs
- remarketing B2C,
- fraud and insurance/maintenance costs
  • Performing the full inspection via OBDII socket
  • Clear, digital report
  • Multi language technical support



Basic functions DIOGENE: