The Diogene diagnostic tester is able to read the value of the mileage from a main car components.


DIOGENE tester diagnostyczny

Developed in cooperation with the FGMTECH corporation, Diogene tool creates the possibility of reading the value of mileage from different car modules via OBDII socket. Basing on the collected data the user is able to expose the eventual fraud.

This solution is to disclose a widespread, hidden practice of mileage manipulation, the same to create more safety and fairness used car market.

How it works:

  • Full work is performed via OBDII
  • Inspection takes up to 15 minutes
  • DIOGENE TESTER is collecting the mileage value from car modules
  • The data is presented in the summary report/screen according to which it is easy to set the real value of the mileage


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  • Exposing the real value of the mileage in the vehicle
  • Compact dimensions are giving the possibility of performing the inspection almost everywhere
  • Lowering the risk of:
- fraud and insurance/maintenance costs
- remarketing B2C,
- fraud and insurance/maintenance costs
  • Performing the full inspection via OBDII socket
  • Clear, digital report
  • Multi language technical support

We offer the Diogene Kit with two different sales options, to allow you to choose the one that better meets your needs.

Purchase of the KIT
This option is giving the required equipment for proceeding the technical inspection. The software is giving access to additional information regarding the state of the vehicles. The set includes the annual license.


Price: 4.299,00 Euro
Annual licence: 738,00 Euro 
Yearly calibration (optional) : 369,00 Euro

SOON - Device as a Service (DaaS) - an effective alternative to the purchase of the whole kit and an opportunity to save on management costs. The business model assumes the payment for carried inspections by our Service Network.



All prices are gross (VAT tax is included). Prices do not include shipping costs.
The price includes: device, case, cables, software license for 12 months and the user guide. This pricelist is valid from 15.05.2019. General Distributor reserves the right to modify the prices in case of significant changes on the market, inflation, currency exchange rates, material prices increase, wages modifications, government interventions and other circumstances beyond the control of the General Distributor.