Meet our new brand Elprosys e-mobility created for nowadays needs and automotive market requirements.

Under the ElproSys e-mobility brand we are constantly improving our offer for electric vehicles charging solutions and establishing cooperation with the best technology suppliers in the electromobility industry.  

In our offer you can find variety of electric vehicles charging stations. We provide simple portable EV chargers, Wallboxes especially designed for home use and more advanced, commercial EV charging stations.

We are sure that Elprosys e-mobility and our EV chargers will meet your highest expectations.
  • Home EV chargers
    Home EV chargers
    Smart and compact electric vehicle charging stations ideal for home use. Intuitive, safe and easy to use.
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  • Smart Mini Wallbox Smart Mini Wallbox
  • Wallbox Pro-Smart OCPP Wallbox Pro-Smart OCPP
  • Commercial charging stations
    Commercial charging stations
    Charging stations that support the OCPP communication protocol. Dedicated to commercial facilities (public parking lots, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
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  • Portable EV Chargers
    Portable EV Chargers
    Portable EV chargers that you can take with you on any trip. Powered from a household socket or a CEE socket.
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  • Zencar Portable charger Zencar Portable charger
  • EV Accessories EV Accessories
  • DC Charging Stations
    DC Charging Stations
    DC charging stations for electric vehicles enable fast charging using direct current.
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